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 +xdebug [<​+|-><​option>​] [[block]]
 +This intentionally undocumented command provides access to developmental,​
 +incomplete, broken, or debugging features. ​ These features are intended
 +for internal development use and are unsafe to use unless you are told 
 +The only complete documentation for this command is found in the source ​
 +code, and maybe in http://​​CHANGELOG if you're lucky.
 +If no arguments are specified, [[xdebug command|xdebug]] shows all of the 
 +xdebug options.
 +[[xdebug command|xdebug]] options are subject to change at any time and 
 +without any advance notice.
 +[[xdebug command|xdebug]] options can and probably will break your client.  ​
 +The use of [[xdebug command|xdebug]] results in expressly undefined behavior.  ​
 +You Have Been Warned.
 +The [[xdebug command|xdebug]] inbound and outbound options allow you to 
 +monitor the client'​s interaction with the server. This is potentially useful
 +for debugging scripts, and will probably not go away anytime soon.
 +The [[xdebug]] dword option allows you to turn on double quoted word support
 +which is experimental at this time, but will be officially supported soon.
 +The [[xdebug]] command optionally takes a [[block]] of code.  When you do 
 +this, the xdebug option is turned on, the block of code is executed, and
 +then **the original xdebug value is restored**. ​ This is a way to temporarily
 +ensure a value is turned on without having to save + restore the old value.
 +You cannot permanently turn on an xdebug option if you use the [[block]] form,
 +even if you do [[xdebug]] within the block, sorry.
 +======See Also:======
 +The Source Code; http://​
 +# $EPIC: xdebug_command.txt,​v 1.3 2006/11/23 17:07:48 jnelson Exp $
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