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 +__whowas__ <​nickname>​ [<​count>​] [<​server>​]
 +This command is similar to [[WHOIS]] except it asks the server for 
 +information about a user who has left irc recently. ​ It shows most of
 +the same information as [[WHOIS]].
 +The number of entries returned by the server is controlled by the value of
 +[[SET NUM_OF_WHOWAS]]. ​ You can override this value by providing a second
 +argument which shall be the number of entries you want returned.
 +You can query a remote server for a WHOWAS reply with /[[quote]] whowas <​nick>​
 +<​count>​ <​server>​
 +The exact determination of what is "​recently"​ enough to be returned by
 +WHOWAS is a server option and may be anywhere from several seconds to
 +several weeks.
 +To show the last 5 users of the nickname JoeBob:
 +      /whowas joebob 5
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