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 +#$EPIC: whois.txt,v 1.3 2008/07/28 05:15:51 jnelson Exp $
 +__whois__ [<​server|nickname>​] [<​nickname>​[,<​nickname>​[,​...]]]
 +The __WHOIS__ command asks the user for more detailed information about
 +a user (or users). ​ This information includes the user's nickname, their
 +user@host address, their real name (IRCNAME), and the server they are using.
 +If the user is not on a private or secret channel, the channel that they
 +are on will be shown. ​ If they are a channel operator or channel voice in
 +that channel, that will be shown. ​ If the user is away, their away message
 +will be shown. ​ If the user is an irc operator, that will be shown. ​ If
 +the user is on the same server as you, their idle time (the time since
 +they last sent a PRIVMSG) will be shown. ​ Some servers also show you 
 +when the user connected to the server.
 +The __WHOIS__ command takes one or two arguments.  ​
 +If you provide one argument, your local server is queried and the argument ​
 +is a comma separated list of nicknames.  ​
 +If you provide two arguments, the first argument is either a remote server ​
 +to query, or the nickname of another irc user whose server you want to 
 +query. ​ The second argument is a comma separated list of nicknames.
 +Some networks limit or restrict the ability to query a remote server.
 +Querying a remote server for whois information may result in an error.
 +You should never depend on getting a reply back to a remote server query.
 +To get information on users JoeBob, ToeJam, and JuneBug:
 +      /whois joebob,​toejam,​junebug
 +To get information on the same people from server​
 +      /whois joebob,​toejam,​junebug
 +To get the idle time for user JoeBob:
 +      /whois joebob joebob
 +Some servers notify server operators when they are targeted by __WHOIS__.
 +__WHOIS__ potentially reveals considerably more information than many users are
 +comfortable with. The real name field is supplied by the user's IRC client.
 +The client will supply the server with the real name field as specified by 
 +[[set realname]], which is typically set from the $IRCNAME environment ​
 +variable or the GECOS field in /​etc/​passwd.
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