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 +# $EPIC: tr.txt,v 1.2 2006/08/20 17:37:08 sthalik Exp $
 +This function "​translates"​ the input characters to the output characters
 +in the given string. ​ Input and output characters are paired up in the
 +order they are specified in (first-first,​ second-second,​ etc.). ​ If
 +there are more input than output, the last output character will replace
 +any input characters that do not have a corresponding output character.
 +Any of the arguments may be variables or literal strings. ​ The delimiter
 +does not need to be a '/';​ it may be any character not found in the
 +input or output characters.
 +This function is useful for doing very simple text encoding, such as
 +ROT13. ​ It is also useful for stripping out unwanted characters from
 +untrusted sources (such as shell meta characters).
 +"​translated"​ string
 +/* assume $oldc is "​aeiouy"​ and $newc is "​yuoiea"​ */
 +$tr(/​s/​z/​efnet has bots)             ​returns "efnet haz botz"
 +$tr(/​$oldc/​$newc/​efnet has bots)     ​returns "ufnut hys bits"
 +$tr(/​$oldc/​_/​efnet has bots)         ​returns "_fn_t h_s b_ts"
 +$tr(/​abc//​blah blah)                 ​effectively the same as $strip()
 +$tr(#​a#​e#​blah) ​                      ​returns "​bleh"​
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