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 +# $EPIC: stripcrap.txt,​v 1.2 2006/08/20 16:57:01 sthalik Exp $
 +$__stripcrap__(<​mangle-types>​ <​text>​)
 +   * If the <​mangle-types>​ argument is omitted the empty string is returned.
 +   * If the <​text>​ argument is omitted the empty string is returned.
 +   * <​mangle-types>​ is parsed in the same way that /SET MANGLE_INBOUND is:
 +   * No spaces are allowed; separate each option with commas.
 +   * The effect is cumulative and are parsed left to right.
 +   * ALL_OFF removes ALL_OFF characters (^O)
 +   * -ALL_OFF does not remove ALL_OFF characters
 +   * ALL removes everything except escapes (including ANSI)
 +        * -ALL does not remove anything.
 +        * ANSI converts ANSI escape sequences into safe equivalents.
 +   * -ANSI does not convert ANSI escape sequences into safe equivalents.
 +   * BLINK removes BLINK characters (^F)
 +   * -BLINK does not remove BLINK characters
 +   * BOLD removes BOLD characters (^B)
 +   * -BOLD does not remove BOLD characters
 +   * COLOR removes COLOR sequences (^C)
 +   * -COLOR does not remove COLOR sequences
 +   * ESCAPE converts ESCAPE chars (^[) into a reverse left-bracket.
 +   * -ESCAPE does not convert ESCAPE chars into a reverse left-bracket.
 +   * ND_SPACE removes non-destructive spaces (^S)
 +   * -ND_SPACE does not remove non-destructive spaces
 +   * NONE is the same as -ALL -- it does not remove anything.
 +   * REVERSE removes REVERSE characters (^R)
 +   * -REVERSE does not remove REVERSE characters.
 +   * ROM_CHAR removes ROM_CHAR characters (^P)
 +   * -ROM_CHAR does not remove ROM_CHAR characters.
 +   * UNDERLINE removes UNDERLINE characters (^_)
 +   * -UNDERLINE does not remove UNDERLINE characters.
 +   * The return value is <​text>​ mangled in the way specified by <​mangle-types>​.
 +Sometimes, you just don't want to see all of that crap in your output.
 +This is how you can filter it out.  Some people like to filter out before
 +they send to a log file since it can be hard to read a log file with these
 +display attributes in them.
 +  * $stripcrap(ALL $*) converts all ESCAPE sequences to "​safe"​ equivalents and removes all unsafe ones entirely; it removes all BOLD, BLINK, COLOR (^C), ND_SPACE, REVERSE, ROM_CHAR, UNDERLINE, and ALL_OFF characters from $* after doing the conversion.
 +  * $stripcrap(ALL,​-COLOR $*) same as above, but ^C color sequences are not removed from $*.
 +  * $stripcrap(COLOR $*) removes ^C color sequences from $*, but does not remove anything else INCLUDING ANSI escape sequences that may change the color!
 +  * $stripcrap(ANSI,​COLOR $*) converts all ANSI escape sequences into "​safe"​ equivalents and removes unsafe ones entirely; and removes all COLOR sequences, including those that were converted.
 +The input text, mangled in the way you like.
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