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 +# $EPIC: sping.txt,v 1.2 2007/03/02 02:32:04 jnelson Exp $
 +[[load]] sping \\
 +/set sping_timeout <​integer>​ \\
 +/sping //server// \\
 +/vping //server//
 +This script implements two commands which allow you to "​ping"​ a server.
 +Pinging is the measurement of round-trip communication to a server.
 +The /sping command sends a PING protocol command to //server//, and when
 +that PING is responded to with a PONG, the script will tell you how long 
 +it took.
 +The /vping command sends a VERSION protocol command to //server//, and when
 +that VERSION is responded to with a version reply (numeric 351) or a 
 +"​you'​re a loser, go away and die, punk" reply (numeric 263), the script will
 +tell you how long it took.
 +The /set sping_timeout value (default 120) controls how many seconds shall
 +elapse before the script decides the server is not going to respond. ​ It 
 +will then tell you the request has timed out.
 +Some networks have tightened down your ability to send commands to remote
 +servers; The /sping or /vping commands may not work if your network has
 +changed the protocol to disallow remote requests. ​ On these networks, all
 +requests may time out.
 +This script first appeared in epic4-1.2.2.
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