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 +# $EPIC: set_status_format.txt,​v 1.8 2007/05/20 01:19:15 jnelson Exp $
 +[[set]] status_format [<​text>​]
 +This setting defines the appearance of the data in the status bar.  A
 +great deal of information can be displayed in the status bar, such as
 +the current time of day, the current channel name and its modes, the
 +target of a query, and much more.
 +When [[set show_status_all]] is OFF (default), some of the expandos
 +only appear when the window is the current input window. ​ Those expandos
 +are marked with "​(CURRENT)"​. ​ If ON, they appear all the time.
 +Most of the expandos are macro-replaced with [[set]] variables. These
 +expandos are marked with "(SET <​variable>​)"​. ​ Some of these SET values
 +can contain the expando and will get data put in there. ​ These sub-expanded
 +SETs are marked with "​wrapper"​.
 +**PLEASE NOTE** that the status_format is not reversed, like it is in ircII 
 +and BitchX. ​ If you want a reverse status bar, you need to start your status ​
 +format out with a reverse character (control-V).
 +======List of status bar expandos======
 +All expandos are case sensitive, and by convention are uppercase.
 +Each header tells you
 +  - The name of the expando
 +  - Whether it shows only on the current input window (//​CURRENT//​)
 +  - Whether it shows a string you can configure ([[set]] link)
 +  - Whether it has a sub-expansion value that is substituted into the linked [[set]] variable using the same expando. (see below)
 +This expands when you are [[AWAY]]. ​ If you are connected to only
 +one server, this appears in the current window. ​ If you are connected
 +to multiple servers, this appears in all windows.
 +> %B  ([[SET STATUS_HOLD_LINES]],​ wrapper)
 +This expands if you have lines in your scrollback that you have 
 +never seen ("held lines"​). ​ This sub-expansion value is the number of
 +lines that you have never seen.  It is updated every [[window hold_interval]]
 +or [[set hold_interval]] lines.
 +> %C  ([[SET STATUS_CHANNEL]],​ wrapper)
 +This expands when you are on a channel. ​ The sub-expansion value is
 +the current channel name:
 +* But if [[set hide_private_channels]] is ON, and the channel mode includes
 ++p or +s, "​*private*"​ is used instead.
 +* But if [[set channel_name_width]] is > 0, and the channel name is longer
 +than this value, it is chopped off to this length.
 +> %D  (CURRENT)
 +This expands to information about your current file transfer when
 +you have a [[DCC SEND]] or [[DCC GET]] in progress, and when the window'​s ​
 +level includes DCC, or if this is the current input window and 
 +> %{1}D
 +This expands to information about your current file transfer when you
 +have a [[DCC SEND]] or [[DCC GET]] in progress. ​ It unconditionally appears
 +in every window.
 +> %E
 +This expands to the current activity string for the window. ​ I need to 
 +document this more fully in [[window_activity_handling]].
 +> %F  (CURRENT, [[SET STATUS_NOTIFY]],​ wrapper)
 +If you /[[WINDOW NOTIFY]] ON, a window, then hide it, and output occurs
 +to one of the levels in the hidden window'​s [[WINDOW NOTIFY_LEVEL]],​
 +the window will "​notify"​ you that it has output. ​ The sub-expansion
 +value is a comma-separated list of the window refnums that are 
 +> %{1}F (CURRENT, [[SET STATUS_NOTIFY]],​ wrapper)
 +Just like %F, this gives you a list of notifying hidden windows,
 +but if the window has a name, the name is used instead of its refnum.
 +> %H  ([[SET STATUS_HOLD]])
 +This expands if you have lines in your scrollback that you have
 +never seen ("held lines"​).
 +This expands when [[SET INSERT_MODE]] is ON.
 +This expands when you are browsing the scrollback in this window.
 +It can be helpful to use this because any new output to your window
 +is "​held"​ when you are in scrollback mode, and this gives you a
 +visual clue that you haven'​t existed scrollback mode yet.
 +> %{1}K
 +This expands when you are browsing the scrollback in this window.
 +It expands to "​(Scroll:​ <​num1>​ of <​num2>​)"​ where <​num1>​ is how far 
 +the top of your display is from the bottom of the scrollback buffer ​
 +(including any lines being held), and <​num2>​ is how many lines total 
 +are in your scrollback buffer (including any lines being held).
 +> %L  ([[SET STATUS_CPU_SAVER]],​ wrapper)
 +This expands when you are in [[bind_cpu_saver|CPU SAVER]] mode.  The
 +sub-expansion value is the literal string "​CPU"​.
 +> %M  (CURRENT, [[SET STATUS_MAIL]],​ wrapper)
 +This expands whenever [[SET MAIL]] is not 0 and you have mail in 
 +your inbox. ​ EPIC only supports mbox right now.  If [[SET MAIL]] is 1,
 +the sub-expression value is the empty string. ​ If [[SET MAIL]] is 2,
 +the sub-expression value is the number of emails in your inbox.
 +> %N  ([[SET STATUS_NICKNAME]],​ wrapper)
 +This always expands. ​ The sub-expansion value is the nickname you
 +are using on the window'​s server. ​ If the window is not connected
 +to a server, the sub-expansion value is "<​invalid server>"​. ​ If the
 +window is connected to a disconnected server, the sub-expansion ​
 +value is "<​not registered yet>"​.
 +This expands when [[SET INSERT_MODE]] is OFF.
 +> %P
 +This is an expando which is used by the developers to display ​
 +debugging information without doing any screen output. ​ There is
 +no point in documenting it since it changes frequently.
 +> %Q  ([[SET STATUS_QUERY]],​ wrapper)
 +This expands whenever you have a [[QUERY]] in this window. ​ The
 +sub-expansion value is target you are querying.
 +> %R
 +This always expands to the window'​s name, if it has one, and to
 +the window'​s refnum, if it does not have a name.
 +> %{1}R
 +This always expands to the window'​s refnum.
 +> %S ([[SET STATUS_SERVER]],​ wrapper)
 +This always expands except when you are connected to exactly one server. 1) If
 +the window is not connected to a server, it expands to "No Server"​. ​ 2) If
 +[[serverourname|our name]] for the server is an IP address, the sub-expansion
 +value is the IP address. 3) Otherwise, the sub-expansion value is the first
 +segment of [[serverourname|our name]] that doesn'​t start with "​irc"​. The
 +sub-expansion value is truncated to 60 chars if it is too long. As an example,
 +if you are connected to "​",​ then %S is "​choomba",​ and if you are
 +connected to "​"​ then %S is "​"​ and if you are
 +connected to "​"​ then
 +%S is "​zen"​. ​ I hope this makes sense!
 +> %{1}S ([[SET STATUS_SERVER]],​ wrapper)
 +This is just like %S, but it always expands, even when you are connected ​
 +to exactly one server.
 +> %{2}S ([[SET STATUS_SERVER]],​ wrapper)
 +This is just like %{1}S, but the sub-expansion value is the full
 +[[serverourname|our name]] of the server, and is not chopped into segments.
 +> %{3}S ([[SET STATUS_SERVER]],​ wrapper)
 +This is just like %{1}S, but the sub-expansion value is the [[servergroup|group
 +name]] of the server.
 +> %T  (CURRENT, [[SET STATUS_CLOCK]],​ wrapper)
 +This expands if [[SET CLOCK]] is ON.  ​
 +  - If [[SET CLOCK_FORMAT]] is set, the sub-expansion value is the current time formatted with strftime() using [[SET CLOCK_FORMAT]].
 +  - If [[SET CLOCK_FORMAT]] is unset and [[SET CLOCK_24HOUR]] is ON, then the sub-expansion value is the current time in 24 hour time.
 +  - Otherwise, the sub-expansion value is the current time in 12 hour (AM-PM) time.
 +> %{1}T
 +This expands to the string "​TEST"​. ​ If you don't see this on the
 +status bar when you use this expando, your epic version doesn'​t
 +support status expando maps.
 +> %U
 +[see below]
 +> %V  (CURRENT)
 +This expands to the client'​s version string ($V)
 +> %W  (CURRENT, [[set status_window]])
 +This expands if there is more than one window on the screen, and 
 +this window is the current input window. ​ This expando should be
 +used as a visual cue that this window is the current input window
 +when you are using a split screen.
 +> %{1}W  ([[SET STATUS_NOSWAP]],​ wrapper)
 +This expands if [[window swappable]] is OFF.
 +> %{2}W  ([[set status_window]])
 +This expands on every window on every screen.
 +> %{3}W  (CURRENT, [[set status_window]])
 +This expands on the current window, even if there is only one window
 +on the screen.
 +> %X
 +> %Y
 +> %Z
 +[see below]
 +> %#  (CURRENT, [[SET STATUS_UMODE]],​ wrapper)
 +This expands when you have set a user mode on the window'​s server.
 +It alawys expands if you are connected to more than one server. ​ It 
 +does not expand if you are not connected to a server in this window.
 +The sub-expansion value is the user mode for this server.
 +> <​noparse>​%%</​noparse>​
 +This expands to the literal string "​%"​. ​ This is necessary for when
 +you want to put a % in your status bar.
 +This expands when you are an irc operator.
 +> %+  ([[SET STATUS_MODE]],​ wrapper)
 +This expands when the current channel has a channel mode.
 +This means if you are not on a channel, or the current channel does not 
 +have a mode, this does not expand.
 +The sub-expression value is the current channel'​s mode, including any 
 +extra arguments (the channel'​s limit, the channel'​s key).
 +Because the channel'​s key might contain a $ and this would interefere with
 +[[set status_does_expandos]],​ special handling is done to protect you.
 +> %{1}+ ([[SET STATUS_MODE]],​ wrapper)
 +This is like %+, but it expands even when the current channel doesn'​t have a mode.
 +> %{2}+ ([[SET STATUS_MODE]],​ wrapper)
 +This is like %+, but doesn'​t include the extra arguments (limit, key).
 +> %{3}+
 +This is like %{1}+, but doesn'​t include the extra arguments (limit, key).
 +This expands when you have a [[WINDOW STATUS_SPECIAL]] value.
 +> %=  ([[SET STATUS_VOICE]])
 +This expands when you are a channel voice for the current channel.
 +This does not expand when you are a channel operator for the 
 +current channel.
 +> %>
 +This special expando begins the "right justify"​ section. ​ All text
 +that occurs after %> will be right justified on the status bar, but
 +if the right justify section is too long to fit on the screen, it
 +will be truncated on the right end to fit.
 +This expands when you are either a channel operator or channel half-operator.
 +  - If you are a channel operator for the current channel, it expands to [[SET STATUS_CHANOP]]
 +  - If you are a channel half-operator for the current channel, it expands to [[SET STATUS_HALFOP]]
 +Some servers call the half-operator a //channel helper//
 +This expands to [[SET STATUS_SSL_ON]] when the window'​s server connection
 +is using SSL encryption. ​ Otherwise, it expands to [[SET STATUS_SSL_OFF]].
 +... (%2, %3, %4, %5, %6, %7, %8) ...
 +... (%{1}1, %{1}2, %{1}2, %{1}3, %{1}4, %{1}5, %{1}6, %{1}7, %{1}8) ...
 +> %{2}0 (SET STATUS_USER20)
 +... (%{2}1, %{2}2, %{2}2, %{2}3, %{2}4, %{2}5, %{2}6, %{2}7, %{2}8) ...
 +> %{2}9 (SET STATUS_USER29)
 +> %{3}0 (SET STATUS_USER30)
 +... (%{3}1, %{3}2, %{3}2, %{3}3, %{3}4, %{3}5, %{3}6, %{3}7, %{3}8) ...
 +> %{3}9 (SET STATUS_USER39)
 +These always expand.
 +======Syntax of Status Expandos======
 +All expandos have a "​map"​ level, and the level is specified with the
 +syntax %{map}expando,​ where "​map"​ is a number and "​expando"​ is a single
 +character. ​ If you don't give a "​map",​ map 0 is assumed. ​ In the above
 +lists, you will see that most of the expandos are in map 0.  But to be
 +absolutely clear about this, %{0}S and %S are the same thing.
 +======Duplicated expandos======
 +Note that [[SET STATUS_USER]] - SET STATUS_USER3 have 2 (two) expandos ​
 +associated with them.  This is for convenience,​ as the remaining ​
 +user-definable expandos are only referenced by number. ​ The duplicates ​
 +cannot be set independently. The [[set status user|STATUS_USER]] expandos defined in the 
 +map level of their respective tens-digit. This is especially important for 
 +those above 9, which *must* have their map level specified. ​ For example,
 +STATUS_USER15 would be specified as %{1}5.
 +======Repeated Last Character======
 +The normal behavior is to cause the last character in the status bar to
 +repeat until the the of the line.  This can be disabled by turning on
 +the [[set STATUS_NO_REPEAT]] setting, or by making the last character in
 +[[set STATUS_FORMAT]] a space. ​ No repetition is done if the right-alignment
 +expando is used.
 +======Double Status Bar======
 +If the current window happens to have [[window DOUBLE]] turned on 
 +(double status line), then this setting is ignored, in favor of 
 +[[set STATUS_FORMAT1]] and [[set STATUS_FORMAT2]]. ​ The former applies ​
 +to the top line, the latter to the bottom. ​ They are otherwise the same 
 +as [[set STATUS_FORMAT]].
 +======Window-specific status formats======
 +You can overrule [[set status_format]],​ [[set status_format1]],​ and 
 +[[set status_format2]] on a per-window basis by setting that window'​s
 +[[window status_format]],​ [[window status_format1]],​ or 
 +[[window status_format2]] value.
 +======Sub-expansion values======
 +Historically,​ ircII does not permit you to put alias expandos in your 
 +status format. ​ This is a problem because a lot of the things that you
 +want to put on your status bar are only available as alias expandos.
 +So status expandos have a way to "​sub-expand",​ allowing you to put a 
 +variable in the status bar.
 +The way this works is by using the status expando in the linked set value.
 +For example, %Q expands to [[set status_query]] when you have a query.
 +But how do you put the current query target in [[set status_query]]? ​ It 
 +can change dynamically. ​ You do it by including %Q.
 + /[[SET STATUS_QUERY]] ​ (Query: %Q)
 +So for any expando in the above list that says //​wrapper//,​ you are 
 +expected to put that expando in the corresponding set value, where the 
 +//​sub-expansion//​ value will be put.
 +I hope this makes sense. ​ Check out the set status_* variables to see 
 +how each of them link back to their corresponding status expando.
 +A common status bar configuration:​
 +  /[[set status_format]] *%R* %H%=%@%N%*%S%#​ %C%+%Q %O%M%A%T%W %D *
 +A common doubled status bar configuration:​
 +  /[[set status_format1]] *%R* %H%=%@%N%*%S%#​ %C%+%Q %O%M%A%T %D *
 +  /[[set status_format2]] %W %X %Y $Z *
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