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 +#$EPIC: set_high_bit_escape.txt,​v 1.2 2006/08/19 10:15:16 sthalik Exp $
 +[[set]] high_bit_escape [0|1|2]
 +Controls how EPIC treats characters with the high bit set:
 +When 0: The character is accepted as-is. ​ However, the character is still
 +subject to the value of [[set eight_bit_characters]]. If you need to input 8
 +bit characters, make sure that [[set]] __high_bit_escape__ is 0 and [[set
 +eight_bit_characters]] is ON. This is the preferred setting for non-english
 +users who expect the <​meta>​ key to input 8-bit latin-1 national characters.
 +When 1: EPIC strips off the 8th bit and then parses the resulting 7 bit
 +character as if you had pressed the ESCape key first. ​ This is
 +the preferred setting for english users who expect the <​meta>​
 +key to act like the <esc> key.
 +When 2: (Default) EPIC checks to see if your TERM setting supports the
 +'​km'​ option. ​ If it does, then it behaves as though this value
 +was set to 1 (english users), and if it does not, then it
 +behaves as though this value was set to 0 (non-english users)
 +In general, every TERM value in wide use EXCEPT "​vt*",​ has the '​km'​ option
 +set.  If you set your TERM to anything other than a '​vt'​ type setting
 +(eg, TERM=vt102),​ and you want to input 8 bit latin-1 characters, you will
 +need to override the '​km'​ option with __/SET HIGH_BIT_ESCAPE__ 0.
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