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# $EPIC: reconnect_script.txt,v 1.2 2007/03/01 03:26:44 jnelson Exp $


load reconnect
/set auto_reconnect ON
/set auto_reconnect_retries <number>
/set auto_reconnect_delay <number>


This script implements an auto-reconnect-to-server facility which previously used to be built into the client.

Whenever you are disconnected from a server, if /set auto_reconnect is ON (the default), then the client will wait for /set auto_reconnect_delay seconds (default is 60), and then automatically reconnect to the server. After /set auto_reconnect_retries consecutive failures (default is 0 – unlimited number of retries), the client will stop trying to reconnect to that server.

When you succesfully reconnect to the server, the script will rejoin the channels you were in when you disconnected.

You can abort all pending reconnections with /rmreconnect.

Changing /set auto_reconnect_delay does not affect any reconnects that are already being delayed, but only new reconnects in the future.


This script was written by nullie and kreca and first appeared in epic5-0.3.1.

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