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 +__ison__ [-n] [-s] [-len <​number>​] [-oncmd <​command>​] [-offcmd <​command>​] [<​nick>​ [<​nick>​ ...]]
 +This server query implements the underlying functionality for the
 +[[notify command|NOTIFY]] command. ​ Given a list of nicknames, it
 +returns the subset of those nicknames that are currently on your
 +network. ​ If none of them are on the network, an empty list is returned.
 +If you don't provide a nickname, then your nickname is used as the
 +default argument.
 +Suppressing the normal handling of the ISON reply (303 numeric) by way
 +of an /on raw_irc will cause [[notify command|NOTIFY]] to stop working
 +and corrupt the ison queue. Don't do this.
 +You cannot query a remote server with the ison command
 +^ name               ^ description ​                              ^
 +| -n                 | Prioritise this request, putting it onto the //head// of ISON queue |
 +| -s                 | Trigger sending next ISON message now, in case something gone bad with it|
 +| -oncmd <​command> ​  | Run given command, where $* is the users who are online |
 +| -offcmd <​command> ​ | Run given command where $* is the users who are offline |
 +| -len <​number> ​     | Specify your own maximum length of the ISON request, instead of default, being 500 characters. ​ |
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