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 +# $EPIC: me.txt,v 1.3 2006/08/19 01:19:53 sthalik Exp $
 +__me__ <action description>​
 +__ME__ lets you perform an action on your current channel. ​ It lets you
 +describe what you're doing as though someone is watching you, rather
 +than you telling them.
 +To perform an action:
 +      /me doesn'​t want to go to work today
 +Anyone on the channel you sent the action to will see something like this:
 +      * foobar doesn'​t want to go to work today
 +__ME__ functions identically to using [[DESCRIBE]] to send an action to your
 +current channel, as well as to [[CTCP]] [[ctcp ACTION|ACTION]].
 +This command makes use of [[CTCP]] (client-to-client protocol), which is not
 +part of the IRC protocol. ​ Most modern IRC clients understand [[CTCP]], but not
 +all do, while others might not support the same [[CTCP]] commands that
 +ircII-EPIC supports. ​ If you receive an error of some sort, then the client on
 +the receiving end is unable to properly handle your [[CTCP]] message.
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