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 +# $EPIC: irclib.txt,​v 1.3 2006/08/21 03:39:11 sthalik Exp $
 +This function returns the path to the irc library that the client is currently
 +using. ​ This value is set at client boot time and does not change afterwards.
 +The irc library path influences the default values of /[[SET]] [[set
 +The user is able to override the default path used by /[[LOAD]] and /[[HELP]],
 +but with this function, you can usually find the "​stock"​ versions of scripts or
 +help files, if you wanted to load those instead. ​ This value can be changed by
 +the user by setting the IRCPATH environment variable at client-boot time, so it
 +is not entirely trustworthy. ​ There is no way to get the client'​s compiled-in
 +default path.
 +load $irclib()/​script/​motd ​                 /* loads the "​motd"​ script */
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