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 +# $EPIC: commandqueues.txt,​v 1.2 2007/03/06 06:14:45 jnelson Exp $
 +[[load]] commandqueues
 +This script provides a facility to avoid [[quoting hell]] by having
 +you put code into aliases and passing the names of those [[alias]]es
 +to these commands. ​ Then are then executed without quoting issues.
 +The explanations of the commands below are probably wrong; the script
 +is difficult to understand. ​ Hopefully the author will provide more
 +documentation in the future.
 +        /1cmd <​time>​ <​command>​
 +                Execute <​command>,​ but only if <​command>​ has not been executed
 +                already by /1cmd in the previous <​time>​ seconds.
 +        /qcmd <​queue>​ <​command>​
 +                Add <​command>​ to the end of queue <​queue>,​ which will be
 +                executed sequentially in 5 second intervals. ​ Queues with a
 +                lower alphanumerical value will be drawn from first, and hence
 +                have a higher priority.
 + Qcmd now makes reference to a non-existant function called
 + $islagged(). ​ If this returns a true value, qcmd will stop 
 + right there so that the server doesn'​t get mistakenly flooded.
 +        /fqcmd <​queue>​ <​command>​
 +                Add <​command>​ to the beginning of queue <​queue>,​ which will
 +                be executed sequentially in 5 second intervals.
 +        /q1cmd <​time>​ <​queue>​ <​command>​
 +                Equivalent to: /1cmd <​time>​ qcmd <​queue>​ <​command>​
 +                as long as <​command>​ is not already queued in <​queue>​.
 + Q1cmd now permits you to specify multiple comma separated ​
 + queues to test against for the specific purpose of blocking.  ​
 + The command will only be queued on the first.
 +        /fq1cmd <​time>​ <​queue>​ <​command>​
 +                Equivalent to: /1cmd <​time>​ fqcmd <​queue>​ <​command>​
 +                as long as <​command>​ is not already queued in <​queue>​
 + Commands are executed in "​literal"​ form (not subject to "​quoting hell")
 + /timer.ue <​args>​
 + This functions the same as /timer, but won't expand the command
 + when it is executed. ​ It's not quite 100% clean yet.  Don't try
 + to execute numbers as commands.
 +This script was written by CrazyEddy and first appeared in EPIC4-1.1.3.
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