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 +# $EPIC: bind_cpu_saver.txt,​v 2006/07/11 04:57:43 jnelson Exp $
 +[[bind]] <key> cpu_saver
 +This keybinding immediately switches the client to CPU saver mode.
 +Normally, when CPU saver is inactive, the system clock, notify system, and mail
 +checking occur via regular intervals controlled by [[set CLOCK_INTERVAL]],​
 +[[set NOTIFY_INTERVAL]],​ and [[set MAIL_INTERVAL]]. ​ When CPU saver is
 +activated, these sets are ignored, and the interval given by [[set
 +CPU_SAVER_EVERY]] is used instead.
 +When you are logged out or away from the keyboard for a long period of
 +time, it is usually not time critical that your system clock update
 +exactly at the top of the minute, or that your notifies fire exactly ​
 +every minute, or that mail is detected the same minute it arrives.
 +You can save a lot of CPU usage by only doing these checks periodically
 +while you are away.
 +This keybinding first appeared in EPIC4pre0.041.
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