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 +# $EPIC: b64encode.txt,​v 1.3 2012/07/04 06:30:23 jnelson Exp $
 +Returns the RFC1421 transformation of //<​stuff>//,​ commonly known as Base64.
 +Base64 converts three bytes of input into four Base64 digits. ​ By definition
 +Base64 digits are safe to send over text-only transmissions.
 +Alas, //<​stuff>//​ cannot be binary data, because ircII function calls don't
 +support non-C-strings.
 +The reverse transformation is [[b64decode]].
 +Don't confuse this encoding with the one used by FiSH (popularized by eggdrop ​
 +and other irc clients for encrypted messages). ​ FiSH uses l64a encoding, and 
 +can be decoded using the [[xform]] FISH64 transform.
 +The string //<​stuff>//​ converted into a sequence of Base64 digits.
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