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 +# $EPIC: disconnect.txt,​v 1.5 2007/02/13 06:05:45 jnelson Exp $
 +__disconnect__ [<server number> [<​reason>​]]
 +The [[disconnect]] command disconnects you from an irc server but does
 +not make the client [[quit]]. ​ If you are on multiple servers, only the
 +one server will be disconnected and the others are unaffected.
 +Many irc server hostnames have multiple addresses. ​ When you first try to
 +connect to a server, the first address may get stuck and not let you on.
 +You can use the [[disconnect]] command to abandon that address and try the
 +next one.  You can't use [[disconnect]] for this purpose after you've been
 +accepted by the server (when you've seen the 001 numeric)
 +Please remember that your channels and their affiliations to their windows
 +are lost when you are disconnected from a server.
 +The [[disconnect]] command takes the server from whatever [[server state]]
 +it is in and immediately puts it in //CLOSING// and then //​CLOSED//​. ​ The
 +server is left in the //CLOSED// state. ​ The [[reconnect command]] is 
 +similar, but does more.
 +To disconnect from your current server:
 +      /disconnect
 +To disconnect from server 2 in your server list:
 +      /disconnect 2 I'll be back later!
 +This command first appeared in "plus 3" (post-ircII,​ pre-EPIC)
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